Surpassing Average
I've had this in word for a while and I haven't really decided on whether to keep going with it or not so I'd just thought I'd leave it here and maybe go by the feedback. It's pretty generic sorry
Everyone in this world has a talent. Take for instance the kid next door, his talent is hockey, whereas the girl down the road has mean eye when it comes to photography. My parents are very talented at observing and nitpicking. Then there’s me. I have the brilliant and extraordinary talent of messing up. I always have, it wasn’t something I meant to do, it just sort of turned out like that.

I was always average in school, I got told I was brilliant and very smart but that just wasn’t true. I was bright but I wasn’t shining, I’m not capable of being able to shine. Everything about me is average, average face, average grades, average ability to understand, I’m just average and honestly, I’ve accepted that, there isn’t anything wrong with being average, no matter how much pressure is applied to my heart, there is nothing wrong at just being average.

That’s why when I signed up for a music competition I wasn’t expecting to get very far never mind win it. I went from being an unknown singer in her bedroom, to performing every night for an overwhelming figure of people.

I thought that was it, there was nothing to add to it to make it seem bigger than it was, but that’s where little naïve young adult me gets a kick in the arse. There was something much bigger to be added to my life that made me second guess everything, and his name was Ed.


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